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Bernie our Dog Model, was made to appear smaller in this ad. His true size is below.
Our Stud Saint Bernard stud 


"Levi"  short for Leviticus, is our Beautiful long haired Exotic Tri-colored boy.

Leviticus is  our very hopeful up and coming stud for 2018 provided he passes all of his genetic Health testings and his hips and elbows clear.

He has been groomed in a puppy clip for pictures, but does normally have a long beautiful fluffy coat.

"Roman is a Goldenmountainberdoodle male
"Roman is a Goldenmountainberdoodle male we have not yet decided if Roman will be a future stud or not. We will know once his testings are complete.
"Roman our Goldenmountainberdoodle male
"Bean" Goldenmountaindoodle female"
Our present Standard Poodle stud
Our Standard Poodle male
Our present Standard Poodle Stud
One of our past studs
One of our past studs
One of our past studs