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​For our older puppies sometimes available we let them go only after holding them back for sometime even into adulthood to see if we wish to use them for breeding in the future. 

These beautiful Breeders pick puppies (puppies we consider top notch puppies) which we have the hard decision try to choose between then become made available under our older puppies available page.

 We would love to keep them all but we know we cannot, so painstakingly we have to decide between these puppies we held back. We now have made our choice which puppy we will keep. Once our decision is made we then offer the puppies to you. 

 If you are interested in more information regarding these dogs please 

 Price Points on Older puppies and young adults on this page can range     anywhere  from $1000.00 and up to $2500.00 and some puppies more depending upon the puppy.  Please inquire on price of the puppy that you are interested in? Puppies prices do not include tax.

Hi my name is "Willow". I am  female puppy NFB. I am a beautiful non shedding curly coated girl. I am a small size 40+ pound range  and am seven and half months old. My birth day is Sept 23 2017. I am a happy go lucky type of puppy who just loves everyone. I  especially love to play, and get my sister to chase me when I take her toy from her. She runs after me and I love it.  If you are interested in me refer to puppy code number NFB  
Beautiful Black & Tan colored wavy coat male....  Medium size.    If you are interested in me refer to code  MMB 

       Older Puppies and Adults for Sale
Beautiful Black and Tan colored large  size male. 

Wavy coat.

Refer to code number MMA