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We possibly will have a young Saintberdoodle adult male available
in November. Once our Genetic, Hips and Elbows testings are complete,we will know which male we are keeping for our use as our upcoming stud in our breeding program, and then we will be looking to place the other male in a good home. If you are interested in a adult male in Jan 2018 then please let us know.

We are also have for sale a 4 year old beautiful spayed female Saint Bernard. She is so calm and well behaved in the house.

 If you are interested in more information regarding these dogs please COMPLETE AN ADOPTION FORM or email us at goliathinc@hotmail.com

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​For our older puppies sometimes available we let them go only after holding them back for sometime even into adulthood to see if we wish to use them for breeding in the future. 

These beautiful Breeders pick puppies (puppies we consider top notch puppies) which we have the hard decision try to choose between then become  made available under our older puppies available page.

 We would love to keep them all but we know we cannot, so painstakingly we have to decide between these puppies we held back. We now have made our choice which puppy we will keep. Once our decision is made we then offer the puppies to you. 

My name is "Gail' I have a medium length and a bit longer fluffy hair coat.  My coat is also a wavy and non shedding hair coat type. I will require some grooming. I  am Medium size as well.
I also am super sweet. calm and very loving. I love children and everyone I meet. 

 If you are interested in me ask for "Gail"

"My Name is Betty. I am a Beautiful smaller medium size girl with a shorter wavy non shedding hair coat, which will be good for someone with mild allergies. My hair coat will not require a lot of maintenance for those who do not want to always be at the groomers.

I am not a rowdy girl, but am a lover who is a very affectionate girl with lots of kisses to give to you. I am so calm, quiet and well behaved. 
I will really love you, and always want to be by your side if you pick me
​I am very intelligent and eager to please you with whatever you will want me to do and learn."

       Older Puppies and Adults for Sale