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"Bessie and Pops"
 Goldenmountainberdoodle puppies have now arrived.
 Pictures posted below.

Ready to go June  2018

Code "BSMA" XL Male 

Price Point (D)
Code "BSMC"
XL  Large  Big Boned Male

This boy will be 
very huge!

Price Point (D)

Our Goldenmountainberdoodle Puppies have arrived. 

They were born April  2018 and will be ready to go June  2018

Mother is a Goldenmountainberdoodle and Father is an F1B Saintberdoodle (3/4 Poodle 1/4)

Refer to code # of the puppy you are inquiring about.

Code "BSME " 
Lg/ XL Male 
"Goldenmountainberdoodles" Upcoming Litters
Refer to Code # BSFA  Small female. This little girl is a tiny we girl with a big heart. She will be a shorter haired girl who will have some curl once her adult coat come in.

Price Point (A)

Puppy Prices:

                 A: $1500.00-$2500.00 CN & U.S
                 B: $2500.00-$3500.00 CN & U.S
                 C: $3500.00-$4500.00 CN & U.S
             D: $4500.00 U.S - and higher 
             E: $6500.00 U.S.- and higher

Please note most puppies Prices are in U.S Dollars. All puppies prices do not include tax.

Because of families wishing not to have names placed on the puppy's titles, we will now be giving the Puppy an assigned code number for you to refer to...... if you wish to inquire about a puppy please refer to its code number