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Breeder of Quality
Saintberdoodles Goldenmountaindoodles,

Goliath Saintberdoodles, St.Berdoodles are: Happy, Fun, Gentle, Loyal family dogs.
with an EXCEPTIONAL INTELLIGENCE in a dog, what more could you ask for!

They do have a protective nature towards their family, and because of this are known as Guardians of the Children.

Add to the list, healthy, NON DROOLING, AND NON- SHEDDING Type  hair coat, you have now created the Goliath  Saintberdoodle, the perfect dog.

Welcome to Goliath Saintberdoodles.... Where we pride ourselves in breeding quality sound Saintberdoodles, Goldenmountaindoodles and we are the first to breed Goldenmountainberdoodles (Goldenmountaindoodle and Saintberdoodle)  combining the best of the large breed dogs together creating one beautiful, loving loyal, family dog.

If you are looking for top quality Saintberdoodle, Goldenmountaindoodle  or the beautiful Goldenmountainberdoodle then you have come to the right place. We breed for health, soundness and temperament in our puppies. Beginning with quality. Genetic testing, including hips, eyes and heart, insures the breeding of the best quality puppies. Goliath Saintberdoodles your breeder of Beautiful Quality Goliath Saintberdoodles Goldenmountaindoodles and Goldenmountainberdoodles.

 What is a Saint Berdoodle?

A Saintberdoodle is a Saint Bernard and Poodle hybrid dog. A Saintberdoodle is a Saint Bernard X Standard Poodle, a large dog lovers DREAM DOG, as it comes with NO DROOL, NO SHEDDING.

Saintberdoodles have straight, wavy, or curly hair coats, the more the wave to curly the coat the less hair shed, and better for those who suffer with allergies or are sensitive to dog fur and dander.  Saintberdoodles coloring comes in various coat colors depending upon the color of the Poodle.

Goliath Saintberdoodles offers the stronger wave for the non- shedding variety. The Saintberdoodle puppy’s appearance and markings are often that of the SAINT BERNARD'S, and their coats are more like the poodle. The Saintberdoodle carries their tails over their backs like the poodle giving them a Very unforgettable UNIQUE look. 

The Saintberdoodles curled or wavy hair coat becomes a beautiful fluffy straight hair coat when bathed blow dried and brushed out, offering two beautiful looks, either wave or straight.

Because Saint Bernard's do not shed continually but do what is called blowing coats, a couple times a year this combined non- shedding inherit trait of the Saint Bernard mixed with the non- shedding trait of the Poodle is carried forth into the Saintberdoodle making it a very minimal to non- shedding variety breed of dog.

 As for the drooling, the different jaw types of the Saint Bernard parent in the breeding of the Saintberdoodle is what offers the no drool, in the Saintberdoodle, or very minimal drool would be more accurate to say any breed of dog can drool occasionally after drinking, or for some even on a hot day.

 At Goliath Saintberdoodles and Saint Bernard's we breed DRY MOUTH dogs, which simply means the way less drooling type of Saint Bernard which has the tighter jowls or pendants.

Goliath Saints, breeds to the original standard of the PURE SAINT BERNARD, which is with no or very minimal pendant, the way the Saint Bernard was and should be.

 A Saint Bernard which has no pendant in their lower jaw is known as a dry mouth Saint Bernard. When a Dry Mouth Saint Bernard salivates it is easier for it to swallow and the drool does not collect in the lower lip pocket.

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We are located just North of Toronto in Bradford, Ont, Canada on fifteen acres of lovely land for our babies to romp and play.

 We are Registered and City Licensed Breeders of Quality Saintberdoodles, Goldenmountaindoodles and now offering to you beautiful Goldenmountainberdoodles. 

What does it mean to be registered and Licensed with the City and to have a kennel Licence?

 For your peace of mind in knowing this, that when you buy a Goliath puppy, first and foremost you are buying a puppy from a breeder who cares and has the best interest of the dogs and puppies in mind. ....We  take Pride in letting you know that we are Registered and Licensed Breeders with the City.  

To receive a City Kennel Licence you must be Inspected and pass extensive Inspections from Animal control in order to receive your licence. With this you can be ensured that the puppy you bring home to your family from Goliath has met all conditions required for the health and well being of any animal within our care. From animals health and living conditions, the food we feed, to the kennels construction and building codes met, we have passed the inspection to receive our Licence. 

You cannot receive a kennel Licence if you do not meet all the criteria needed for caring for the animals in your care, or if you are found to not be able to properly care for the animals in your care. Our Kennel Licence gives us pride in presenting to you a puppy that you can feel confident in knowing comes from our home to yours and is a puppy that has been well taken care of.

We have been breeding Saintberdoodles, and Goldenmountaindoodles for five years and are the first breeders in Canada to breed the Saintberdoodle. We are the first breeders to breed the beautiful Goldenmountainberdoodle which is the beautiful mix of  the Goldenmountaindoodle with the Saintberdoodle. These puppies are amazing! They are super sweet, intelligent and very gentle calm dogs. this mix makes the perfect family dog, having the best of the large breed dogs in one. Having only one quarter Poodle in them we have been finding that they do not get the really curly coats like the Poodle. They do get a beautiful non shed type of wavy coat which is not as long as the Poodle and easier to manage. . We would not recommend this breed for someone with severe allergies as a curly coat is best for allergy sufferers. 

 If you are interested in contacting us regarding available puppies and upcoming litters, or have any questions please ensure to include your phone number before submitting the "contact us" form.
A   Goldenmountaindoodle
 is a mix of a Golden Mountain Dog (Golden retriever + Bernese Mountain Dog) and a Poodle
A  Goldenmountainberdoodle 
is a mix of a Golden Mountain dog with a Saintberdoodle or a Goldenmountaindoodle and Saintberdoodle mix.
is a mix of the Saint Bernard and the Poodle 
Please Note. We book by appointment only. We do not put our address on our website for this reason. We have found in the past that families would show up early because of excitement sometimes at 6:30 am and even at 10 pm, and also in other families appointment times. We now have to give out our address on the day of the appointment visit for this very reason
The intelligence level of Goliath Saintberdoodles and Goliath Goldenmountaindoodles is one of the most noteworthy traits of their dogs and puppies. I cannot believe how intelligent this breed is and how fast they pick things up. I did not know this breed existed, and I did not know how intelligent and beautiful they really were until I met the breed at Goliath Saintberdoodles kennel, says an Officer of the OPP Police Canine Unit. The Officers had met the puppies and then a couple of the adults were brought out for them to see.  The expression on their faces looked like they were in shock, and their first response was first of the size and then of them being such very beautiful dogs. 

A day was set to  come by and do temperament testing on the puppies to see their capability as a breed for a Service dog for fellow Police Officers who were interested in possibly purchasing a Goliath Saintberdoodle from Goliath Saintberdoodles.  The puppies were brought out to begin a lot of testing as a group and separately. 

What began as a day of testing to see if the breed would be suitable for a service dog and a compatible match for what they were looking for in a puppy to enter into the service industry for a service dog.

Through a quick process of elimination, the goal was to put the puppies through different tests, and then eliminate the puppy which did not pass the test. Out of this selection process it would narrow down the puppies to choose from in the selection of the best match. From out of this remaining set further elimination through the process of elimination would be done to ultimately pick the puppy with the highest scoring based upon the desired traits being sought after for a service dog.

 This was all good in theory as was found out when the testing began...All of the puppies were passing every test and therefore could not be eliminated. Deborah was told that of the tests they were doing on the puppies that 95% of dogs from other breeds and kennels had failed certain sets of these tests put before them, but the Goliath Saintberdoodles and Goliath Goldenmountaindoodles passed them all with flying colors. This made it extremely hard when trying to go through the process of elimination when all the puppies are passing all of the tests. Eventually at the end of the day a puppy was picked, but not because of one puppy passing the test over another. As all passed the testing!

At Goliath Saintberdoodles we are proud of our Goliath Doodle puppies which are our Saintberdoodles, Our Goldenmountaindoodles and Goldenmountainberdoodles.

 But our pride is not in our dogs only being noted as a dog of incredible beauty and a dog who does not shed or a dog who does not drool. What we take pride in, is knowing that besides the incredible good looks and non shedding and non drooling traits of our dogs, that underneath the external beauty there lays much, much, more than that to our dogs.

At Goliath Saintberdoodles we take pride in knowing we are breeding a dog who is highly intelligent, a dog who is incredibly loving and loyal, a dog who is an amazing family dog, a dog who loves children and people and other animals, a dog who will defend you if need be, and yet intelligent enough to know the difference, and not only this but a dog who would lay down their life to save yours...this is what this dog should be noted mostly for. Their love for you. Their compassion and their undeniable eagerness to gain your love and your acceptance of them, their never-ending loyalty to you in always wanting to be by your side, their always wanting to please you in whatever way they can.

 They are always seeking your love and always giving you theirs. They are a dog with heart and soul and so eager to please you, their ultimate goal is in making you happy with them, just to hear you tell them well done and you are such a good dog. Our Goliath Saintberdoodles and Doodles aim to please you, and they love to hear the words form you telling them how good they are and how much you love them. These dogs will give you their  HEART AND SOUL and their all just to have you tell them they are good. Words do matter  to our dogs and puppies, and in the tone you speak to these dogs will determine how much you will get out of them. They do extremely well with praise and love.

Just looking into this breeds eyes tells you this is true. For it is for you they love and it is for you they are eager to please and is it you their master, and their family, that they want to make happy, and their willingness  is always present seeking your love, and your acceptance, and your attention, and your praise, and when these things are given, you have a dog who in return will give you everything they have and with all their heart and  with all  their soul and with all that is within them they will give it back to you one hundred fold what you will ever give to them. 

This is the Goliath Saintberdoodle and this is the Goliath Goldenmoutainberdoodle and this is the Goliath Goldenmountaindoodle, THEY ARE DOGS OF HEART.

  Yes and besides the fact that they are a dog who are incredibly beautiful, and yes the fact that they are non shedding and do not drool, and are good for allergies is all wonderful, but please do not base your opinion on which puppy you choose on these things alone. These things are just external traits, an added  bonus to our beloved bred dogs ......But rather please let your thoughts be not only on the external beauty of our dogs,  but let it also be on their temperaments and who they are, their nature,their intelligence, their calm loving dispositions and their loyal and unconditional love for you.  Knowing this that you have a breed of dog who by nature as a  bred as Rescue dogs and would lay down their life for yours....

This is our Goliath Saintberdoodles and Doodles coming from the Swiss Alps line of Saint Bernard's and parent lineage, adding to by nature the true Rescue mentality to this breed  which comes from the lines and then passed onto and into our Goliath Sainterdoodles and Doodles...Swiss inspired and Canadian bred This is our select breed.  

Hand picked parents, selected breeding programs of our parents with these magnificent traits, which  the traits pass into our beautiful babies, our Saintberdoodles, Goldenmountainberdoodles and Goldenmountaindoodle puppies who by breeding wonderful parents produce the wonderful puppies you have come to know and love as GOLIATH Saintberdoodles & Doodles, puppies who by selection have this wonder bred into and within them.

Why was all this mentioned? Because of the so many people that have overlooked a beautiful natured little puppy,  who has all the heart and soul within them to be an incredible dog he/she gets overlooked because of external appearances in comparing of the puppies against their siblings.

Please do not overlook a puppy of internal beauty just for a puppy based upon external beauty. All of our puppies are amazing and have so much heart to give to you. They are truly wonderful in their nature and disposition. Do not loose out yourself on a beautiful family dog for your family only from focusing on the beauty.

This is why this was all mentioned to you and for you to read. So a puppy just solely based upon the shorter length and color of his hair coat will not fail to find a loving home and  possibly be overlooked to getting a wonderful home with a wonderful family he could call his own, all because he does not measure up to the external standards and features of possibly even his siblings.

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