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A commonly asked question regarding our visitor policy is, Do you allow visitors in your kennel?
The answer is NO, we do not allow visitors in our kennel.
And this is is the reason why?
With the many articles on websites, and books on buying your new puppy, suggesting to meet the parents, and to see the environment your potentially new puppy was raised in, it begs the question to be asked, can I see in the kennel?

In the excitement of the day, with families coming to pick out their new puppy, understandably comes with the hopes of seeing new born puppies, and of course the opportunity to play with puppies, as well as meet the parents, and to see the environment the puppies were raised in. It is understandable you want to meet the parents, and we do have a place where families can meet and greet the parents of their new puppy. 

However what most people do not know, is that it is for the health and safety of our puppies first and foremost, that we say NO.   One trip into our kennel could prove to be quite fatal for our puppies, and especially puppies who are not old enough to have had their first vaccinations yet. .

We do not know you, and where you have been, or if you could innocently be potentially carrying on your clothing, or on the bottom of your shoes, a disease or worst yet, a fast and deadly virus called parvo, that can kill a litter of puppies within 48 hours.  

Parvo is a highly resistant, virus that is able to live for long periods  on, floors, clothing, shoes, in the ground, dog parks, and the list goes on....

Carrying the virus could innocently come from a simple trip to the grocery store. Simply by just walking over a spot that someone else had walked, who had the virus on their shoes, this  puppy virus has now transferred to your shoes. And if you end up in a place such as a breeders kennel, you could potentially be the one responsible for a breeder loosing an entire litter, and put in jeopardy the rest of their future litters.

As breeders, it is our responsibility to ensure all puppies in our care, are cared for at all times. Whether it be,  food, water and shelter, grooming, and right down to disease prevention control. All things related to the safety and well being of the dogs and puppies fall onto the breeders care.

Next is the liability concerns.

A simple walk into a kennel, and say you simply trip over a puppy and fall hurting yourself and end up breaking your wrist in trying to prevent the fall. You cannot now work and are in a cast. This is just one example of many, that can become a liability issue. Who is at fault, but the breeder for allowing you into the kennel. 

One of the many stipulations in receiving a kennel licence,  is you must have proof of liability insurance on your kennel. With only one insurance company available to choose from, you do not have the option to disregard their policy, and  not that we would we anyway, and that rule is that NO-ONE from the public is allowed in your kennel. To do so puts the insurance company at a liability risk.

We cannot break the rules, and risk not receiving our liability insurance, which in turn would then forfeit us from receiving a kennel licence. 

But for your peace of mind, know that .....

We are an inspected kennel, before issuing us our licence.


We have a large and spacious kennel  for our dogs, with an indoor romp room for indoor training, exercise and playtime

Because we have a larger size facility, it allows each of our dogs to have nice spacious living quarters..

A luxury that we are 
blessed to have