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United States 

There are now New Regulations for the importing of puppies from Canada and going into the United States

Rabies Vaccination Rule
now in effect

If you want your puppy shipped to you in the  U.S. at  8 WEEKS OLD you must now sign a confinement agreement letter from the CDC. stating you will agree to keep the puppy confined for 30 days past his/her rabies vaccination date or when you take the puppy outside to go potty you agree to wear a muzzle on the puppy until you 30 days past the date you give the puppy his rabies vaccination...
details are below....

It is best to book with your veterinarian to have the rabies vaccination done at 3 months and then you only have to wait 30 days for the confinement period to be over ...

* New Information and regulations
 United States 
Clients from
 The Center for Disease Control

for the importation of

 puppies to be shipped into the U.S. from Canada 



OPTION #1     I want my puppy at 8 weeks of age and will agree to keeping the puppy confined for 60 Days..

This is not a hard process...

#1 You pick out your puppy...We discuss the payment options....if you wish to purchase the puppy and have him/her shipped to you we then go to....

#2. We Book the puppies flight.

#3. You email the flight details along with your letter to cdc agreeing to confine puppy for 30-60 days or less depending on the date the rabies is given. (This is only applicable if you are getting an 8 week old puppy or a puppy without rabies vaccinations). 

#4. You print off a copy of the letter from the cdc to take to the airport with you for customs and you forward us a copy to take to the airport to put the puppy on the plane to clear customs....

Option # 2   I will board my puppy until he/she is considered fully immunized 

* You can board your puppy at Goliath Saintberdoodles until the puppy reaches 16 weeks of age at $40.00 per day at which time the puppy will have had his/her rabies vaccine at 12 weeks of age and has waited for the additional 30 days to be considered fully immunized.

Option # 3  I will have my puppy enrolled in the A or B option Basic Training program

You can choose to enroll your puppy in a basic imprinting program where the puppy will be well on their way to learning  his/her basic commands such as " sit, stay, down, come, walking on a leash (in 2nd month), and potty training, for a fee of .....3 options available.

 A.# One month board for $40.00 per Day ( first month $1200.00, board only), and one month of  imprinting ( 2nd month)  which includes the boarding fee for $3500.00  the total of the two months which consists of the.....  1st  month board only and the 2nd month the  basic imprint training including the board is a sum total of $4700.00

B#   Enroll the puppy for one month of imprint training & basic commands of sit, stay, down & come and a good beginning  of potty & crate training as well as some walking on a leash time for $3500.00

C  #  Enroll the puppy for a full 2 months of imprint training including the board for a fee of  $ 7000.00

Please note the prices of training  does reflect the time and dedication put in to working with a young puppy and the many times day and night that the puppy must be let out to go potty....

Through imprinting the puppy will,

* Begin crate training, where they will have a good grasp on the potty training to not soil in their crates, but they may still occasionally have accidents.

* learning basic leash manners walking on a leash

*gain understanding of the basic commands of sit, stay, down, and come.

The majority of puppies in the imprinting program learn quite quickly and this will lay foundations for you with them in later obedience training. Although not all puppies mature at the same rate as others so some may not fully master commands as quickly, they will however have the foundations.

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United States customers Please Note: We have a flat rate fee of $1200.00 to ship anywhere in the United States for crate sizes medium and under

 We Ship puppies by air into the U.S Starting at 8 weeks old and older. 

Please note  for our U.S. Families wishing to purchase a puppy........that puppies at 8 weeks of age will need to be kept with a muzzle on while outside to go potty and are not allowed off of your property or in Public Places until 30 days after they have had their rabies vaccination given at 3 months of age..

This is an agreement  you agree to make with a the  CDC  and is called a confinement agreement....upon purchase of a puppy to be shipped to you at 8 weeks of age or before their rabies vaccination is given.......we give you a letter to sign for the CDC  where you are agreeing that you will keep the puppy in a confined location until 30 Days PAST the Date the Rabies vaccination is given....  when we book your flight or arrange for you to pick the puppy up at the airport or by land (if you are driving) YOU WILL NEED THIS Signed  LETTER to clear customs  at the airline or Border crossing......by signing the CDC letter you are agreeing to keep the puppy in a confined location (details of the cdc confinement agreement  are posted below) away from other pets or people ( except for the person taking care of the puppy), until the rabies vaccine is given......this is called a confinement agreement....

You agree to keep the puppy confined except for walks outside to go potty and he/she must wear a Muzzle until the confinement period is over......which may be 30 or 60 days or less depending upon if the puppy has received his/her Rabies vaccination from us yet or not.....

Puppies cannot be shipped under 8 weeks of age....

CDC’s dog importation regulations require that dogs be fully immunized against rabies before being imported into the United States. The rabies vaccination must be administered no earlier than 3 months (12 weeks) of age and must have been administered at least 30 days before arrival at a U.S. port of entry. Therefore, the youngest that a puppy may be imported to the United States is 4 months (16 weeks) of age. The only exception is dogs residing in countries and political units considered rabies-free for the importation of dogs into the United States http://www.cdc.gov/animalimportation/rabies-free-countries.html.

CDC’s regulatory requirements for importation of dogs into the United States (http://www.cdc.gov/animalimportation/dogs.html) may allow the importation of inadequately immunized dogs if the dogs are coming from low-risk countries and the importers will be able to comply with the terms of a confinement agreement, which would require confinement of the dogs at a single specified address in the United States until they are fully immunized against rabies.

Dog importers must choose one location where the dog will be confined during the entire confinement period. This is often the importer’s home, but might be a veterinary clinic, kennel, or similar facility. Except for veterinary care, dogs under a confinement agreement may not be moved from the specified confinement location, even if confinement would be continued at the new location.

For us to review your request for a Confinement Agreement, please send the following information and documentation to CDC at CDCAnimalImports@cdc.gov:
1. Name of the final owner of the dog(s) [i.e. the owner who will be responsible for confining the dog]:
2. Name of the transporter/importer/agent (if different from owner):
3. Number of dogs to be imported:
4. Microchip/ID/Tattoo # (if available):
5. Sex of the dog(s):
6. Birthdate of the dog(s):
7. Breed/Color/Description of the dog(s):
8. Country of origin of the dog(s):
9. Location/address where the dog(s) will be confined:
10. Purpose of the importation (personal pet, sale/resale, service animal, etc.):
11. Actual date of Import ("as soon as possible" and date-ranges are NOT acceptable):
12. If travelling by land, provide the vehicle tag state and number [REQUIRED]:
13. If travelling by land, provide the name of the US Land-Border Crossing (http://www.ezbordercrossing.com/):
14. If travelling by air, provide the full travel itinerary, including flight numbers ("as soon as possible" and incomplete travel arrangements are NOT acceptable):
15. If travelling by air, provide the mode of transport (hand-carry, checked baggage, cargo [provide air waybill number for cargo, if available]):
INFORMATION Notice from CDC ....Below is the list of details needed to included in your letter to the CDC seeking a confinement agreement