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​Size: Sm/M Breed: Saint Berdoodle  Gender: Male   Color: Chocolate Color     Code: WNmA   
​Size: Mini/Small  Breed: Saint Berdoodle  Gender: Female Color:  Tri    Code: HLLfA  
Size reference of puppy
If you are a person or family looking for a mini size happy and out going puppy who is super affectionate, and loves to smother you with loads kisses all of the time, then this is the puppy for you!

This adorable little puppy has a beautiful Curly non-shedding hair coat, and will be good for families with allergies. 

Sorry I am adopted. My new parents came to see me. They saw I was so calm,quiet and well behaved in the house. At first I was very shy, but I started to warm up to them and began to lick their fingers.  We went for a walk, and I stayed by their side without a leash on. I ran ahead a few feet, and then would gallop back to their side. I was a little sassy, when I playfully barked at them. But that was just me being fun.  They instantly wanted me!!! I was so happy to have a new family to call my own...I even get to be at the cottage, and will be able to hike and swim, and have lots of fun...
Please contact us for our upcoming mini and small size puppies.