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Goliath Saint Berdoodle Prices & Payment Details

Prices of our Puppies
Saint Berdoodle Prices

 $4500.00 and higher. Traditional Saint Bernard Tri-Color and Markings/ Black & White Panda puppies. Depending upon the markings and hair coat quality. Contact us for Price.

$4500.00   Tri-Colored   /  Black & White or Brown & White  Panda   /  Bi Color with Blue or Green Eyes

$3600   Bi Colored, Cream & White,  Multi colored and Brindles

$1500.00-$2500   Short Coat puppies, priced according to color.

$1500.00-$2500.00 Solid Colored Puppies

If a puppy is deemed to have very unique color, coat, or markings, the puppy may fall under a special Contact Us price category where you must contact us for the price of the puppy. Please refer to the Puppy code when inquiring about a particular puppy.

Goliath Doodle Puppies Prices

$4500.00 and higher. Black and White Panda puppies with more white, Puppies who have markings that look Saint Bernard or Bernese more resembling the breed.

$4500 Tri colored / Brown or Black and White Panda colored/ Bi colored puppies with Green or Blue eyes.

$3600 - ^ Bi-colored Cream & White, Brindles, Multi colored

$2500 Solid Colored

Golden Mountain Doodle Puppy Prices

$4500 Tri colored,  Brown or Black & White Panda colored less White, Bi-colored with Blue or Green eyes.

$3600 Bi colored, Multi colored, Brindles.

$2500 Solid colored 

We require a $500.00 Deposit to reserve a puppy pick for upcoming litters.

Payment Methods

Canadian Payment Methods: We take E -Transfer, Bank Drafts, Certified Cheques.

U.S. Clients we take Bank Wire Transfers and Pay Pal. 

Call (647) 327-2011
Please note the for puppies with markings that are closest to the Saint Bernard or the Bernese Mountain Dog will be in the higher price points of over $5500.00 U.S. 

Prices of puppies are in U.S. funds. For Canadian prices please contact us.