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  Lily is a Golden Mountain Dog which is a mix of the very popular Golden Retriever and the very lovely Bernese Mountain Dog.

 Lily is a very fun loving playful girl who just loves your attention.

 Although she is a smaller in size  she is really big in heart.

Liz is a Saintberdoodle.
 She is very sweet girl who just loves everybody. She also loves her toys and treats. Liz will do anything for treats. She especially loves tag with the other dogs and will take their toys just to get them to chase her. 
"Bean" is our up and coming Goldenmountaindoodle mom for 2018
"Mily" Our  female  Golden Mountain Dog   
"Lady" Our female Saintberdoodle 
"Notta" Curly Coat female Saintberdoodle with her hair cut short.
" Bessie" Goldenmountainberdoodle female
Our Females
Goliath Saint Berdoodle Panda Bear Dog our female Panda Bear
Goliath Saint Berdoodle Panda Bear Dog our female Panda Bear
" Panda" 
Our Saint Berdoodle Panda Bear female
Panda Dog Owned by Goliath Saint Berdoodles
Panda Bear Dog owned by Goliath Saint Berdoodles
" Panda" 
Our Saint Berdoodle  female Panda Bear Dog