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For our older puppies sometimes available we let them go only after holding them back for sometime even into adulthood to see if we wish to use them for breeding in the future. 

These beautiful Breeders pick puppies (puppies we consider top notch puppies) which we have the hard decision try to choose between then become made available under our older puppies available page.

 We would love to keep them all but we know we cannot, so painstakingly we have to decide between these puppies we held back. We now have made our choice which puppy we will keep. Once our decision is made we then offer the puppies to you. 

 If you are interested in more information regarding these dogs please 

 Price Points on Older puppies and young adults on this page can range     anywhere from $2500.00 - $5500.00 and up to  for some puppies depending upon the puppy.  Please inquire on price of the puppy that you are interested in? Puppies prices do not include tax.

Beautiful  Large F1B Tri color male Saint Berdoodle. Wavy coat.
Birth date April 18 2018 
Refer to  Code  # RmA  Contact us
Hi I am code # SSHmA . I am a medium size Saint Berdoodle male.  I am a beautiful calm, quiet, loving boy, with a curly coat.  My Birth Date is Jan 9 2018 price $4000.00
  If you are interested in me refer to code number # SSHmA contact us

       Older Puppies and Adults for Sale
Black & White female Saint Berdoodle puppy. Wavy coat. Will be med/large size.

Her Birth Date is Jan 28 2018   If you are interested in more information regarding this puppy. Price $2500.00

Refer to code # SKfA Contact us

Beautiful Wavy/Curly coat Saint Berdoodle male.

Large Size, Birth Date Jan 28/18
If you are interested in this male Contact Us

Refer to code # SKmA 
Price $2900.00 
Saint Berdoodle Red & White female puppy. Birth Date Jan 28 2018. Med/large
 If you are interested in more information regarding this beautiful puppy. Price $2500.00
Refer to code # SKFB Contact Us
Champagne & White colored female Saint Berdoodle puppy. She is a smaller sized. Her Birth Date is Jan 7 2018
If you are interested in more information regarding her refer to her. Price $3900.00
Code # KfA Contact Us