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Golden Mountain Dog                   +                                   Standard Poodle    
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Goldenmountaindoodles and Goldenmountainberdoodles

What is a Goldenmountaindoodle?

A Goldenmountaindoodle is a mix of a Golden Retriever and
Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle.

Our Puppies Parents are:
Females are Golden Mountain Dog (Golden Retriever & Bernese Mountain Dog)  & Our Males are
Standard Poodles.

What is a Goldenmountainberdoodle?

Goldenmountainstberdoodles are a combination of four beautiful well known large breed  family dogs in one..
Golden Retriever/Bernese Mountain Dog/Saint Bernard/Poodle

By Breeding a Goldenmountain dog or Goldenmountaindoodle with a Saintberdoodle you get a Goldenmountainberdoodle

Goldenmountaindoodles  and Goldenmountainberdoodles

Are  very intelligent Happy playful Dogs with a little Goofiness to their nature.
They love attention and love to PLAY!!!

These  breeds love the water and are good swimmers.. they love to be by their owners side and will play all day if you want to... They are excellent with children and make great family pets.

The Goldenmountaindoodles and Goldenmountainberdoodles come in Different Sizes depending upon the size of the Parents used for breeding.

They are not droolers and with very LOW to None Non-Shedding Type of Haircoats they make a great Dog for Allergy Sufferers, or  Simply for those who are looking for  NON SHEDDING Type of Dogs, Please note the curlier the coat the less shedding...straighter hair coats could have some to minimal shedding..

 The Golden Mountaindoodle and Goldenmountainberdoodles are a breed  that is a  Great Family Dog With Low Shedding and all the Traits you love in the Golden Retriever the Bernese Mountain Dog and Standard Poodle  or Goldenmountainberdoodles adding the beloved Gentle Giant the Saint bernard now Combined into 

Drawing from three to four different GENE POOLS gives you a MUCH HEALTHIER  Genetic Disease Free type of Dog. 

With the added benefits not only of a very healthy Low Shedding Breed of Dog you also get a great Family Dog with Very High Intelligence, and a Good Fun loving Nature.

These puppies pictured below in our past puppy pictures already had started wagging their tails to greet us at only three weeks old.


Our Puppies prices start at

 $2500-$5500  U.S

 If you are interested in a puppy please 
Fill out Our Adoption Form


If you do not hear from us within a couple of Days please call us!!!!

1 (647) 327 - 2011   or email us at goliathinc@hotmail.com

Beautiful Brindle colored female 
Past Goldenmountdoodle Puppy pictures below

    "Our Adoption form" 
 is used to help us to determine if we have or will have a puppy that best matches what you are looking for.....ie if you are looking for a large  dog the adoption  form helps us to know this and therefore not  send you pictures of a small dog  or vise versa.....or if you have allergies we will know not to include puppy  pictures of a straight haired puppy who would be more likely to effect your allergies.....or if you have a maximum price in mind we know to exclude puppies who are above your budget cost..etc

The Adoption form is to match the best puppy suited for his/her new family!
Puppy Prices Points:

​A: $1500,00-$2500.00 CN & U.S older puppies  & Adults
B: $2500.00-$3500.00 CN & U.S.
C: $3500.00-$4500.00 CN & U.S 
D:$4500.00 -$5500.00 CN & U.S.

"ROMAN"  our Goldenmountainberdoodle  up and coming stud male
Fun fun fun
Past  Puppies Below
 Beautiful  Goldenmountaindoodle puppies available for May 2018 

The Ultimate Cottage Dogs
Puppies AVAILABLE May 2018
"Mily & Granites "   Puppies ready to go   Pictures posted below