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Available puppies Pictures posted below.
To see more available puppies pictures, please fill out and submit the Adoption form on the Adoption form page.
We will remove these pictures of puppies from this page as they are Reserved or Sold 

For Pictures of available puppies please submit an Adoption form request.

What makes a Saintberdoodle? A Saint Bernard parent & a Poodle parent mix make what is called a first generation Saintberdoodle, or a Saintberdoodle parent with a Saintberdoodle parent make what is called a 2nd generation Saintberdoodle, as pictured below.

Benjamin Our Male Saintberdoodle
 Sally                             X                           Granite

Puppy Prices:

                 A: $1500.00-$2500.00 CN & U.S
                 B: $2500.00-$3500.00 CN & U.S
                 C: $3500.00-$4500.00 CN & U.S
             D: $4500.00 U.S - and higher 
             E: $6500.00 U.S.- and higher

Please note most puppies Prices are in U.S Dollars. All puppies prices do not include tax.

Because of families wishing not to have names placed on the puppy's titles, we will now be giving the Puppy an assigned code number for you to refer to...... if you wish to inquire about a puppy please refer to its code number

PLEASE NOTE.....Photography makes puppies appear much larger than they actually are....A one day old puppy may appear to look like he is the size of an 8 week old puppy, when in reality he can fit in the palm of your hand......for this reason we may show a hand in some of the pictures to accurately depict size.

Lady is our Beautiful Brindle Tuxedo female 
Q).....What are the advantages to reserving a puppy with a deposit before they are even born, or soon after?

A) First pick, second pick  and down, or even a chance to pick,  is why....You can choose before the puppy pictures get sent to other family's without deposits in to choose from, or the pictures get posted on our website....

Puppy picks reserved with deposits already in place are our priority ....Deposits in are priority picks....

If you have not received pictures and are waiting what seems awhile for pictures it is most likely because you have not reserved with a deposit for right to first viewing of puppies to choose from.....

If you are waiting for pictures we ask you to "Please  be patient."....once our families with their deposits in have picked their puppies we will try to get  pictures sent off to you right away....


A lot of puppies pictures never make our website pictures.....Price Point D puppies generally  do not  make our website under our current available puppies page as they get spoken for first by those with deposits in place before hand

Pictures are first sent out to families with deposits in PLACE to choose their puppy.....After that we will send out pictures to families who have not given a deposit and we will also post pictures on our website....some puppies pictures make it to our website and some do not as they are sold beforehand.....

# 5 Tri female
WE now have F2 Generation puppies. 
(Saintberdoodle & Saintberdoodle)

Please allow a few days for us to reply to you.

We currently have Available puppies are ready to go Apr/May 2018. For pictures of these beautiful puppies please contact us

  Saintberdoodle puppies for sale MAY 2018
  Saintberdoodle puppies for sale May 2018
Because of families wishing not to have names placed on the puppy's titles, we will now be giving the Puppy an assigned code number for you to refer to...... if you wish to inquire about a puppy  please refer to its code number 
I am a Beautiful Wavy coat Female with a non shedding type coat.... I am a Cream & White color with Saint Bernard colored markings...I am very playful and fun loving with a tail wagging personality.....I am  Ready to go ....If you wish to reserve me ask for KFB

Price Point (B)
Taffy                                           Cinnamon
Beautiful small size( 40 LB range) Black & White  male Beautiful fluffy medium length wavy coat....ready to go   Price Point (D) 
If you are interested in this little sweetheart refer to.....puppy  KMC 

Beautiful small size Black & White Tri female puppy...Ready to go....This little girl has a beautiful non shedding wavy hair coat. She is a tiny little girl and will not be very large at all.

If you are interested in a beautiful small non shedding puppy then this is the little girl for you.

Please refer to code number KFA if you are interested in this puppy.

Price Point (D)
Our Moms
Our Moms
One of our Dads
Beautiful LRG/ XL Tri colored Curly coat male.  Refer to Code SMB for more information on this beautiful fun loving, mild natured puppy. This puppy will be a great non shedding type of puppy.
Price point (E)
This  Lrg boy has an amazing personality and is very intelligent  and has a beautiful non shedding type of wavy/curly coat...He picks things up fast. Refer to code SMD.  
Price Point (D)
Beautiful small/medium sized male. Curly coated boy. He is just a real sweet little fellow..Non shedding type. Picture on the right was taken a week prior. Refer to Code SME
Price Point (C)
Beautiful Tri colored, Heavy boned female.....This girl is an Lg/XL size Saintberdoodle ..This girl looks just like a Saint Bernard...she is a super loving girl and always wants to be by your side...

She has a beautiful Wavy hair coat. If you are interested in this beautiful girl refer to code # BFAG
Price point (E)
Stunning Black& White female....This girl should be a movie star..I have never seen a puppy like her...she poses  beautifully for almost every picture we have taken of her....She is a solid female and will be a nice large size....her coat is a wavy coat... if you are interested in her refer to code # SKFA

Price Point (C)
Beautiful  Lg Tri colored male...This boy is a real character...just a fun loving fella, and sometimes a little goofy...he has a wavy hair coat and is more of a medium build...If you are interested in this boy refer to code # SKMA
Price group (D)

Beautiful  LG/XL non shedding wavy type coat female. This girl looks just like a Saint Bernard and will have a beautiful fluffy long and shaggy dog look as an adult. She is super calm and super sweet.

Refer to code BFBG

Price Point (E)