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Available puppies Pictures posted below.
To see more available puppies pictures, please fill out and submit the Adoption form on the Adoption form page.
We will remove these pictures of puppies from this page as they are Reserved or Sold 

For Pictures of available puppies please submit an Adoption form request.

What makes a Saintberdoodle? A Saint Bernard parent & a Poodle parent mix make what is called a first generation Saintberdoodle, or a Saintberdoodle parent with a Saintberdoodle parent make what is called a 2nd generation Saintberdoodle, as pictured below.

Puppy Prices:

    Please refer to our Puppy Price Code page on the Navigation menu, for Price range of the Puppy you are interested in.

PLEASE NOTE.....Photography makes puppies appear much larger than they actually are....A one day old puppy may appear to look like he is the size of an 8 week old puppy, when in reality he can fit in the palm of your hand......for this reason we may show a hand in some of the pictures to accurately depict size.

Q).....What are the advantages to reserving a puppy with a deposit before they are even born, or soon after?

A) First pick, second pick  and down, or even a chance to pick,  is why....You can choose before the puppy pictures get sent to other family's without deposits in to choose from, or the pictures get posted on our website....

Puppy picks reserved with deposits already in place are our priority ....Deposits in are priority picks....

If you have not received pictures and are waiting what seems awhile for pictures it is most likely because you have not reserved with a deposit for right to first viewing of puppies to choose from.....

If you are waiting for pictures we ask you to "Please  be patient."....once our families with their deposits in have picked their puppies we will try to get  pictures sent off to you right away....


A lot of puppies pictures never make our website pictures.....Price Point D puppies generally  do not  make our website under our current available puppies page as they get spoken for first by those with deposits in place before hand

Pictures are first sent out to families with deposits in PLACE to choose their puppy.....After that we will send out pictures to families who have not given a deposit and we will also post pictures on our website....some puppies pictures make it to our website and some do not as they are sold beforehand.....

WE now have F2 Generation puppies. 
(Saintberdoodle & Saintberdoodle)

Please allow a few days for us to reply to you.

  Saintberdoodle puppies for sale June/ July 2019
Because of families wishing not to have names placed on the puppy's titles, we will now be giving the Puppy an assigned code number for you to refer to...... if you wish to inquire about a puppy  please refer to its code number 

Goliath     Saintberdoodles
Breeder of Exceptional Doodles
We are currently taking reservation deposits on our upcoming spring litters, ready to go in JUNE 2019 Reserve your puppy pick today with a deposit

Pictures are not yet posted. Please Inquire through email
Please note;  Puppies Prices are in U.S Dollars unless others stipulated.  Puppies prices do not include tax.

Because of families wishing not to have names placed on the puppy's titles, we will now be giving the Puppy an assigned code number for you to refer to...... if you wish to inquire about a puppy please refer to its code number

 Call (647) 327 - 2011 

Breed: Saint Berdoodle

Code: ELLfA

Price: Code # D

Gender: Female

Availability: Available 

Color: Tri- Color 

Size: LG

Breed: Saint Berdoodle

Code: WNFA

Price:  Code # A 

Gender: Female

Availability: Available

Color:  Black & White Color 

Size: Med

Wavy coat 
Saint Berdoodle puppies for sale 
​Size: Lg  Breed: Saint Berdoodle  Gender: Male Color: Champagne & White  Code: RCmE  
​Size: Lg  Breed: Saint Berdoodle  Gender: Females  Color: Brindle  Code: RCfA & RCfB  Code #A
  Saintberdoodle puppies for sale May/June 2019
​Size: L Breed: Saint Berdoodle F1B  Gender: Female Color: Multi-Color  Code: SLLGRGfB  Price Code: A
​Size: Lg  Breed: Saint Berdoodle  Gender: Female  Color: Cinnamon Code: RCfC  Code #A
​Size: M/L Breed: Saint Berdoodle F1B  Gender: Female Color: Multi-Color  Code: SLLGRGfA  Price Code: A

​Size: M/L Breed: Saint Berdoodle F1B  Gender: Female Color: Multi-Color  Code: SLLGRGfC  Price Code: 

​Size: M/L Breed: Saint Berdoodle F1B  Gender: Male Color: Multi-Color  Code: SLLGRGmE  Price Code: 

​Size: M/L Breed: Saint Berdoodle F1B  Gender: Male Color: Multi-Color  Code: SLLGRGmB  Price Code: 
   Breed: Saint Berdoodle   Gender: Female   Color: Black & White  Code #  ASfA
   Breed: Saint Berdoodle   Gender: Female   Color: Black & White  Code #  ASfB
Sorry I have been adopted. My new mother came. She needed a service dog because she  has seizures. I was picked out to be a service dog for her, because of my amazing temperament  and size, I will be a great help to her.

My sister, may however be available and she is just like me. My breeder mom is still deciding, but she is worth asking about !!!
Sorry I am adopted. My new family came. I could not believe how lucky I was to be going to a family with six children. It was a hard decision for them. I did hide under the table at first, while the other puppies were all over them. But I decided I would come out to see them. One LOOK AT MY FACE, I think won them over, and they could not resist me! They said they fell in love right away with the Goliath Saint Berdoodle breed, and have never seen such beautiful puppies. And even through originally interested in other breeds, they knew I  was the breed for them.
​Size: M Breed: Saint Berdoodle   Gender: Female Color: Black & White  Code: LZfA  Price Code: