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Application for Adoption
Saint Berdoodles, Golden Mountain Doodles
Goliath Doodles

Please complete form to the best of your ability, in order for us to best Match you up with the puppy most suitable to your family, ie Size-Gender-Color and Coat Preference.

 This will help us to send pictures and information accordingly.
What Gender do you prefer?
What Size were you interested in?
What is your color preference?
What  is your coat Preference?
Does anyone in your household have allergies?
When did you want your puppy?  Month/year 
Does your puppy need shipped? 
If Shipping would you prefer Air or Land Delivery?
If Air- Which airport would you use ?
If you are a U.S. citizen, and wish to have the puppy brought across the border, you must read over our U.S. Clients information page and choose one of the options below.
Will the puppy be going to a home with children?
What are their ages?
Do you have a fenced in yard or a dog park near by to exercise your puppy at?
How much time throughout the day will be spent with the puppy?
Will you take the puppy to the vet for his/her annual checkups and vaccines?
Are you aware that your Deposit is non-refundable?
Have you owned a dog in the past, and if so do you currently have him/her? 

Did your last dog have behavioral problems, and if so how did you handle them?
Could you tell us about your lifestyle In order to properly determine which puppy would be best suited to your family, and what you are looking for in a dog? How will the puppy be cared for once he/she comes home with you?
Are you looking for a pet, breeding, or service dog?
Electronic signature:  Type your full name here.
By filling in my Name in the electronic signature box I am agreeing that all information is true to the best of my ability.
Please click the submit button to send your puppy application form. If you do not hear back from us within a couple of days call 647 327 2011

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Which Breed were you interested in? 
Saint Berdoodle or a Golden Mountain Doodle (Golden Retriever X Bernese Mountain Dog with Poodle) or a Goliath Doodle. (Golden Mountain Doodle X Saint Berdoodle) 
Do you have any questions?

What Look & Body type are you more interested in?
Sample of one of Our Beautiful Rare Brindle Coloured puppies
Please note that in completing and submitting an adoption form you acknowledge that  upon acceptance of a puppy  that you have read and agree and will adhere to the terms laid out in our  Puppy Health Guarantee and Contract found on Our Contract page of this Website....
Sample of  Our Saint Bernard Look "Saintberdoodle"  With Double Black Mask

Contact Phone Number
Do you have a Maximum budget price?

 If YES, what is your Maximum? This price will determine the puppies we refer   to you. Only puppies within your checked off budget price will be referred to   you.

Please note we have the right of refusal of the sale of our puppy's. if we believe the puppy not to be a good match or if we believe our contract will not be adhered to in respect to our Strict non breeding clause... or because unforeseen circumstances can arise at any given time when dealing with any living animal, If  by chance a puppy becomes injured or ill or has an unforeseen accident that results in long term veterinarian care, or in the death of a reserved puppy, the breeder will replace the puppy with a puppy of equal value if a puppy is available at the time. If a puppy is not available at the time of the same breed and of equal value then the breeder will replace the puppy when one becomes available. There will be no funds returned on a reserved puppy, unless previously negotiated between the buyer and the breeder.
Who can we thank for the referral? Please give their name and email address for the referral.
Adoption Form Page
Please note. Straight haired puppies may have shedding or minimal shedding.The curly coats are best for non shedding and allergies.

   Our Adoption form 
 Is used to help us to determine if we have or will have a puppy that best matches what you are looking   for.....ie if you are looking for a large dog the adoption form helps us to know this, and therefore we will not match you up with a small dog or vise versa.....or if you have allergies we will know not to match a   puppy with straight hair to you, which could  possibly be more likely to effect your allergies.....or if you have a maximum price in mind we know to exclude puppies who are above your budget cost..etc

The Adoption form is to match the best puppy suited for his/her new family!
No Preference
Mini- Small 30 to 50 Ibs
Medium 40-70 Ibs
Large 70-90lbs
X -Large 90+ lbs
Solid Colors-with no other or little color or markings (Black,Brown,Gold,White,etc)
Black & White Panda (50/50 % White & Black Black Panda Bear Markings)
Black with White
Tri-Color multi (3 color)
Tri- Color, Resembles a Saint Bernard- Rare puppy ($5500.00-$7500.00)
Bi-Colors(Red&White,Brown or Gold & Black,etc)
Elegant Exotic Line colors (Beautiful Rare Brindle & White or Unique Multi colors with white)
Older puppies or Adults
Short Hair straight and curly coats Straight coat may shed a little.
Not sure yet
Option # 1 - I will request CDC approval to ship my puppy at 8 wks
Option # 2 - I will board my puppy until he/she is considered fully immunized
Option # 3 (A) One month of board and one month of Basic Training.
#(B) Two months of Basic Training which includes the board
Not sure yet?
More Like the Poodle / More Refined, not as Big
More Like the Saint Bernard / Bigger boned
More like a Doodle / medium build
No Preference in build
Up to $2500.00Up to $3500.00Up to $4500.00Up to $5500.00 - $6500.00Up to $6500.00 - $7500.00